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KCFF Local Shorts Program

The Baby Grand, 218 Princess Street, Kingston

Programmer: Ahmed Ismaiel Nour Runtime: 74 minutes

Dating back to the early days of KCFF, the beloved Local Shorts Program has promoted hundreds of short films (we estimate 225) created by Kingston filmmakers. The program is designed to accommodate experienced filmmakers as well as emerging talents who are taking their very first steps in the world of filmmaking. Our aim is to acknowledge the work of our amazing local artists and introduce them to a wonderful festival audience who are eager to explore and encourage our hometown film scene!


A CHANNEL BETWEEN – Director: Ali Dixon

A psychological drama focusing on female mediumship and mourning in the 1920s aftermath of the modern Spiritualist movement.

BIRD WATCHERS – Director: Annabelle Brophy, Liz Piraine, and Skyler James

The Bird Branch of the Canadian United Liars Terminators (C.U.L.T.B.B.) are a group of seriously intense bird watchers who believe in the mass conspiracy that birds are working as surveillance drones for the government. Follow the eccentric trio as they conspire a plan to spread awareness and profess the truth to the people of Kingston.

IDIOMATIQUES – Director: Krista Muir

Idiomatiques is a Lofi DIY French Idiom lesson tucked into a garage rock n’ roll box painted with a Flint, Michigan automotive parts factory brush. Bassist Muir’s (50% of Les Chouettes) grandfather was a tool and die maker at the Ford plant in Michigan in the 1930’s and she has studied French throughout her life so this music video came together naturally – oui!

CHAKA CHIKODZI – Director: Naomi Okabe

Kingston-based sculptor Chaka Chikodzi works with volcanic stone that travels 18,000 kilometres from his homeland in Zimbabwe. In this short documentary, Chaka meditates on his artistic process and what it means to converse in geological time.

CREDENCE – Director: Colin Lo and Andrew O’Neil

Starts off with a woman waiting for her ride, and when it finally arrives, she finds the driver acting quite weirdly. She hops in the car and the driver awkwardly starts the conversation and accidentally creates an embarrassing atmosphere.

WITCHES’ BUTTER – Director: Jane Kirby

Contemporary handstands and dance inspired by the shorelines of Lake Ontario.

SNAPSHOT – Director: Nicholas Santamaura

Told through several disjointed vignettes, this experimental short film focuses on a day in the life of a university student living alone during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

STRANGE LOVE – Director: Adrien Benson

Set to the lush, scintillating sounds of up-and-coming indie rock band High Waters, Strange Love is a music video that tells the tale of a young man from 1833 who is transported to present-day Perth, Ontario following a fatal duel.

THE KINGSTON RED BARONS – Director: David McCallum

This is the story of the first women’s hockey team in Kingston in modern times and how these girls and women changed the face of hockey in Kingston and across Canada.

Flashdance Deluxe

 —  —

The Screening Room, 120 Princess Street, Kingston


MASKON event for maximum inclusivity*

HOST: Krista Muir, Cultural Producer at The Screening Room

Winter blues setting in? FLASHDANCE DELUXE promises to transport you to another time and get you moving…the 80’s way! Come celebrate the 40th anniversary of this cult classic – a dark dramatic dance film starring Jennifer Beals about a passionate young dancer who aspires to become a professional ballerina. An evening of 80’s fashion (dress up and you could win!), aerobics, special guests and pre-show footage from the 80’s vaults of Kingston and beyond. Sneakers, headbands, and cut-off sweatshirts not included in the price of admission.

*This is The Screening Room’s third mask-on Cult Classic event. Cinema fans who are immune compromised or have other health vulnerabilities have called for venues to host mask-only nights. So please bring your preferred mask, socially distance when possible and only remove mask when eating/drinking. Thanks for helping us make our space safer and more welcoming to all.

**Warning: Flashdance contains a sequence of flashing lights during one scene which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivities.

A regular (film-only) encore screening of Flashdance will take place on Thursday January 26 @ 8:30pm.


20th Anniversary of Hosemusik - Lederhosen Lucil Spiels!

 —  —

CFRC Radio, Kingston, Ontario

Jaaaa!! Lederhosen Lucil is going to travel back in musikzeit to spiel HOSEMUSIK in its entirety on the vintage Yamaha's the songs were originally composed (und some recorded) on/mit. TUNE IN to this totally weird 100% entertaining (well, at least 99.3%) free broadcast! Make popcorn, get dried apricots, put your feet up OR jump around n HOSE! Who knows...we may livestream it at LL's instagram simultaneously...or nicht...but it all goes down at CFRC's brand new live studio.

Donnie Darko Deluxe

 —  —

The Screening Room, 120 Princess Street, Kingston

DONNIE DARKO DELUXE (*MASKON event for maximum inclusivity) - ONE NIGHT ONLY EVENT!


HOST: Krista Muir, Cultural Producer in Residence at The Screening Room

Join Krista Muir as she revisits cult classic Donnie Darko for the first time since its’ release in 2001. With live music from the film and prizes to be won this will be a deluxe screening event! Limited seating - reserve your ticket today.

*This is The Screening Room’s first mask-only event. Fans who are disabled or have other health vulnerabilities have long called for venues to host mask-only nights. We ask that you bring your own mask, socially distance and only remove mask when eating/drinking. Thanks for helping us make our space safer and more welcoming to all.

Regular $16.50 including tax services / Members $13.00 / Under 17 $9.00

Music on the Patio!

 —  —

The Mansion, 506 Princess St, Kingston

MUSIC! Please join us for a live music extravaganza with Luther Wright and the Wrongs featuring: Tara Dunphy, Cam Giroux, Kelsey McNulty & James Taylor, Lederhosen Lucil, and Clem Chesterfield...Rain or shine - it's patio time! Admission is FREE but because space is very limited please contact us with how many spots you would like:

In conjunction/solidarity with International Overdose Awareness Day, August 31st, Lederhosen Lucil plays a rehearsal set dedicated to a few of Krista's friends who both did/didn't make it due to accidental overdoses. Thanks for tuning in, checking out the website and educating yourself. As they state on the site "time to remember, time to act".


Multiverse, Every street, Every town

ZIP ZOP ZAP POWWWWW!!! And we're back with Livestream Dream #3! A monthly all ages extravaganza featuring music, vegetation, prize draw, interactive improv and surprise guests! To participate during the live chat sign in to your youtube account. If you're on the mailing list (sign up at you'll receive an invitation to submit your song requests two weeks before we go live! Let's all TRA LA LAAAA!!! Each $6.00 ticket comes with a chance to win the prize draw!

5pm (PST) so don't forget to check your timezone! 8pm (EST) 9pm (AST) 9:30pm (NST) 1:00am (GMT) 3:00am (GMT+2) ... 2pm Thursday March 25th for friends in New Zealand! ZAPPO!

Krista Muir's Livestream Dream Show!

 —  —

Virtual / Dogwood Records, Your Street, Your Town

Hypo records livestream dream extravaganza! After the success of trial run on youtube/instagram last month we're bringing Krista back to the virtual sphere with an hour of songs (the lost 2020 hits that were to tour that n'eer did? oldies? goodies? improvisation?) stories and vegetation. Instagram viewers (@kllmuir) will get the basic stream experience but those who tune into the YouTube edition will experience the sights and sounds of transmogrified friends, psychedelic imagery and optimal sound (headphones if you please). All from the comfort of your own abode! 5pm (PST). If you login to your account you'll be able to communicate with us live for shout outs, song requests and collective improv experiment (debut!!). All for $5? Really? YES!!! All proceeds go directly to the artists involved - namely Krista and her tech crew Gambletron. Thanks for being a patron of the arts!

THE KRISTA SHOW - Livestream from my wee abode in MTL!


THE (Quarantine Tea Time) KRISTA SHOW dedicated to BRICK at BLUE STAR + dreambored, hyperbubble and Gisha Zabala! First time livestreaming + using ZOOM and tech acting crazy alongside the pandemic so we shall see! LINK: / MEETING ID: 481-690-917 Let's see how she goes! If we all enjoy this...more to come! :)


LA CALE, 6839 Rue St. Hubert, Montreal

It's The Krista Show: New Math EP Edition! Songs, stories, nautical rope tying, math quiz (?)...surprises, ! An early eve cabaret at my new favourite (nautical-themed) resto pub. Delicious food and drinks in cozy, stylish space and such an amazing team! Tickets at the door: PWYC $5-10 suggested artist-student-underemployed. See you soon! I hit the stage at 8:00!

C'est Le Krista Show: New Math EP Edition! Chansons, histoires, quiz mathématique (je blague?), cordage nautique...surprises! Un cabaret tôt dans un génial pub (thème nautique). Nourriture et boissons délicieuses dans un espace cozy et élégant et une équipe incroyable! Billets à la porte: PWYC $5-10 suggeré. A bientôt - Je monte sur scène à 20h00!

Krista Muir

Studio 303, 372 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal

Saturday, November 30th, 2019 at 8 p.m. @ Studio 303 $10-20 (sliding scale, cash) – Nobody turned away for lack of funds

7 p.m. – Artists’ soup kitchen (bring your own container and cutlery!) 8 p.m. – Performances 9:30 p.m. – DJ

CABARET TOLLÉ / Eternal Saturnalia

After several years of outspoken performance about politicians, austerity, poverty, and “the digital turn”, this season’s playful theme for Cabaret Tollé is “Eternal Saturnalia”.

The Roman festival Saturnalia featured wild revelry, subversive role reversals and a temporary reprieve from the normative social order. It was also a conservative gesture wrapped in liberal excess, intended to maintain the status quo.

We are entering an era which demands radical, sustainable reversals. The billionaires must relinquish their wealth. The carbon must return to the ground. Constant growth must give way to thoughtful deceleration. Let’s imagine an eternal Saturnalia: an ongoing, joyful celebration of big shifts and new social orders!

For the occasion, Cabaret Tollé is coming home, to Studio 303’s performance space and office-cum-dining hall. Come early for the Artists’ Soup Kitchen to indulge in a vegan meal lovingly prepared and served by members of our Board of Directors, along with cosmic cocktails, radical performance and a wild dance party. Samedi 30 novembre 2019 @ Studio 303 10 à 20$ (selon vos moyens, comptant à la porte) — personne ne sera refusé-e

19 h – Soupe populaire (amenez votre contenant + fourchette!) 20 h – Performances 21 h 30 – DJ

Suite à plusieurs événements portant sur la politique, l’austérité, la pauvreté et le “virage numérique”, le thème de cette édition de Cabaret Tollé est “Saturnales éternelles”.

Ces festivités romaines, occasion de folles réjouissances et de subversives inversions des rôles, offraient une pause temporaire des normes sociales. C’était aussi un geste conservateur dans un excès libéral, permettant de maintenir le status quo.

Nous entrons dans une époque qui demande des transformations radicales et durables. Les milliardaires doivent renoncer à leurs fortunes. Le carbone doit retourner à la terre. La croissance constante du monde doit laisser place à un rythme plus lent et réfléchi. Imaginons une Saturnale éternelle: une célébration joyeuse et continue des changements radicaux et des nouvelles normes sociales!

Pour l’occasion, le célèbre et déjanté Cabaret Tollé migre chez nous, au Studio 303. Le bureau sera transformé en salle à manger pour une soupe populaire, avec un plat végane gracieusement servie par des membres de notre conseil d’administration (avec grâce et gratuité). Arrivez tôt et laissez-vous tenter par nos cocktails cosmiques, des performances radiales et un party de danse.

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Date Event Location
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KCFF After Party featuring some most excellent bands! FREE The Toucan, Kingston The Toucan, Kingston
ROSIE plays at Reelout Film Festival! The Screening Room, Kingston The Screening Room, Kingston
 —  — Flashdance Deluxe The Screening Room, Kingston The Screening Room, Kingston
Lederhosen Lucil returns...for the 20th anniversary of HOSEMUSIK! Wolfe Island Hotel, Kingston Wolfe Island Hotel, Kingston
 —  — 20th Anniversary of Hosemusik - Lederhosen Lucil Spiels! CFRC Radio, Kingston, Ontario CFRC Radio, Kingston, Ontario
 —  — Donnie Darko Deluxe The Screening Room, Kingston The Screening Room, Kingston
 —  — Music on the Patio! The Mansion, Kingston The Mansion, Kingston
Lederhosen Lucil plays a special (rehearsal) set as part of Overdose Awareness Day Cybertown Cybertown
THE KRISTA MUIR SHOW! Multiverse, Every town Multiverse, Every town
 —  — Krista Muir's Livestream Dream Show! Virtual / Dogwood Records, Your Town Virtual / Dogwood Records, Your Town
Les Chouettes Single Launch! Multiverse, Everytown Multiverse, Everytown
The Hootenanny Revue with Luther Wright & Friends!, Hootenannyville!, Hootenannyville!
Carolyn Mark's Hootenanny of DOOM! Virtual, Hootenannyville! Virtual, Hootenannyville!
THE KRISTA SHOW - Livestream from my wee abode in MTL! CHEZ MOI, MTL CHEZ MOI, MTL
NEW MATH EP Release - Online - WORLDWIDE Worldwide! Worldwide!
Krista Muir Studio 303, Montreal Studio 303, Montreal
Krista performs live at Dogwood Records, January 2021

Krista performs live at Dogwood Records, January 2021