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The plan is “simple”! This summer I'm embarking on two residencies (Baby Grand Theatre/Gibraltar Point) to develop new works in focused environments. I'm inviting you dear friends, fans, and family to contribute if you are interested and able! This could come in the form of tip jar money (towards living, travel and artistic expenses for the month) or Via Preference Gift Certificate or transferred VIARAIL points (green travel between cities, oui!). 

Stand Up? Sit down? Is something I’ve LONG been curious about exploring. And also somewhat terrified of. After two decades of making and performing music and accidentally being funny at times, I'd like to experiment with humour intentionally (eep!). Armed with a few instruments (the theremin has been begging to be played so we'll likely be duet'ing together at some point), props and a tickle trunk of whatnots, I'm soon to embark upon something completely different.

In the lead-up to the Gibraltar Point 1-week residency on Toronto Island I'll be spending several weeks (including 4-days in relative isolation at the Baby Grand Theatre in Kingston) paring down hundreds of voice memos and honing my theremin skills. From these recordings comprising musical comedy bits, melodies, spoken word rants, dreams, medical situations, and parental situations I'll select a few common themes to focus on and create a 15-minute “stand-up” (lie down?) routine.

Will this transpire? Will this experiment turn into a musical opera about how much I despise a self-imposed challenge such as this? This is for me, for all the people who have ever told me I’m funny and I should do stand up (you asked for it!). Regardless, I'll be posting what happens on the various socials come September.

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All funds raised in July 2024 go directly towards Krista's Art(e)scape Residency on Toronto Island at Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts! Thanks so much for contributing to this time of exploration and creation. You'll be the first to know what transpires!

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