Krista Muir has composed both original music and had placements of her work in film, tv and interactive media. Her most recent placements were in award-winning first feature by Gail Maurice ROSIE (2022) as well as creating content for independent cinema The Screening Room - helping expand their audience base through a radio jingle that became a pre-show video celebrating this local gem and cultural hub. 


Film scores include Sophie Deraspe's Signes Vitaux (2008), and I Made a Girlfriend (2002) by Sarah Galea-Davis. Placements include feature film ROSIE (2022) by Gail Maurice, short film La Fleuve a Droit (2010) by Sarah Fortin and Échappée belles, (2003) by Ziad Touma. 

Long wanting to collaborate on a musical theatre piece, she was approached in 2012 by Montréal's interactive public art and design collective Daily Tous Les Jours, to compose and arrange a mini operetta for their immersive game Kit Operette where audience members are the stars who prompt the narrative through movement and play. It opened in June 2012 as part of the Joue Le Jeu group show in Paris at the Gaité Lyrique - featuring audience participatory installations/games from around the world. It was inspired by the flamboyant past of the building, formerly known as Paris’ great operetta theatre.

Her music has been featured in shows such as Web Dreams, Dance Academy, Offspring, and Satisfaction.