It's a HOLIDAY! That's what they say...

It's a lovely wintery Friday midday here in Vernon, B.C. where I've recently landed. I'll be adjusting to my new environs here at the Caetani house as I gear up for my upcoming Chanson-O-Gramme virtual troubadour for plague times serenade project. In the meantime I've written a few fun non denominational tunes. IT'S A HOLIDAY! by NACNAC is the perfect soundtrack for folks of all walks including the shamans, nihilists and sailors to name but a few.

Click HERE to stream or download NACNAC's festive offering...great for cleaning the kitchen to as part of the soundtrack to a brisk winter walk...come let's play! 

The El gran Chocolate tradition I started December 15th to honour the theobroma tree centers on serenading and then enjoying a few dark squares of the equitable, lovely stuff. Here's a song you can play (or sing a long with - lyrics provided!) to 'bless' your chocolate anytime anywhere!

More to come 

but until then...

I'll be stepping out

into the wintery



Happy festivus for the restofus! Feliz el gran chocolate!