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ODE TO THE ARTERIE: A new Art Therapy clinic has opened in Burlington, Ontario! To celebrate "The Arterie", I was commissioned to create this piece - a window into this new space for healing through creativity.

SOLEIL BLEU CIEL: As artist-in-residence at Daily Tous Les Jours, Krista created "Soleil Bleu Ciel" to capture the playful energy of the permanent installation in the hall of a Montreal North school. 

ODE TO THE NOTEBOOK: As artist-in-residence at Daiy Tous Les Jours, Krista created video "odes" inspired by their creative process.

LET'S DO THE PROTOTYPE: Exploring the process of "prototyping" and Daily Tous Les 

LIFE OF A SENSOR: When inquiring about how sensors work and how they are used at Daily Tous Les Jours a simple line I gave the studio staff "If I was a sensor I would..." led to a response "get no sleep" which made me laugh so hard and then inspired this short film about what it's like to be a sensor. Features a gorgeous maquette...

Krista's COMPOSER DEMO REEL! At last - see some clips of her music featured in short films, features and an interactive game. 

A brand new lullaby live in Mtl, Feb 2015 - "Down Below"

For the love of bicycle culture - "Chicken On Clark"!

Sylvie TrouvĂ© & Dale Hayward animate Kara Blake's "Concrete Lovesong." 

Lederhosen Lucil and the doughboys star in "Semi-Sweet."

LoFI Video for "Between Atoms Pierre Crube Remix."