Lederhosen Lucil

Who is Lederhosen Lucil? She's the brainchild of multi-disciplinary artist Krista Muir who is currently based out of Montreal. Lucil is a fauxvarian pop princess who has descended on earth in her many-themed "hosen" to bring laughter, joy and music to the masses. She is here to discover the quirks and quarks of human nature while making people dance with her kitsch music! 

With her army of vintage keyboards and mini instrument collection, Lucil will charm you with both melody and wit. A favourite of co-collaborator DJ Kid Koala, Lucil has released two full-length albums to date and has, after a LONG wait, released a third alongside her creator Krista Muir. Guten Tag Gemini (2013) is a compilation album featuring songs about sports, interconnectivity, bicycle safety and sensitive boys.

Lucil's motto: Always make time to hose!