November 29, 2016 - Let's do the Prototype!

This ode was sparked by the prototyping process at DTLJ. Experimental, rough and playful - these prototypes are the stepping stones to the real McCoy. Much of the footage centers around the "Market Street Prototyping Festival (2015 edition)" in which Knock Stop Music was the result - a musical traffic signal take-over by passers-by! The lyrics are a studio collaboration (below vid!)

"Let's Do The Prototype"

There's a little something no one's talking about

It's a learning tool to work things out

1:1 or 1:3

Get hands on! Come along - dis oui!

It's early, often, cheap - outta site!

It's the prototype

Let's do the prototype (anything can happen)

There's no wrong or right (vivant - interactif)

It's a learning tool (tape, glue and magnets)

Un rough idée peut être cool (everything fell apart)

Failure - triumph - UNITE!

Let's do the prototype

Does this idea deserve more time in my life?

Kinetic prototypes are hard (snuggling in a prototype burrito blanket)

We're not crazy - look! It does work! Look it works!

First baby I love you a lot...

In the studio - quick and dirty